About Us

Aayushi Shah whirled into the fashion scene with an ambition to create wonders of fashion as Couture Designer and fashion stylist. Designing couture is what made her world full of joy. Her style is classy & elegant and at the same time effortless which she feels is very important that one’s style blends with and reflects one’s personality.

Since a very young age she was constantly inspired by her mother, Rita Shah in the world of design, style and colors. Her distinctive use of colors, intricate embroideries, quality of fabrics gives a gloriously rich Indian aesthetic. Her understanding of ancient designs and the innovative use of traditional crafts has created a new classicism. Apart from the Indian tradition her unique combination of historical heritage richness and contemporary high fashion is seen through the brilliance of Indian craftsmanship and the finest textiles; and constructed with new technologies.

Couture to her means everything that is top notch quality, made with extreme attention to each and every detail. Being in London, for her Bachelors in Fashion Design from London College of Fashion made her realize the richness of Indian culture and made her fall in love with the ancient arts and craftsmanship. After working towards the revival of the priceless and peculiar Indian techniques in the field of Fashion and Style, she has been fervently involved in bringing back to use and researching on different crafts and techniques of India. She ensures that she does something unique and creative with her designs and outfits, something that makes her stand out from rest of the bandwagon. The age old embroidery techniques from rural pockets across the country are exquisitely showcased in Aayushi Shah’s collection.

Her designer Sarees emanates a sense of intelligent experimentation and innovation. Her sarees collection represents the revolutionary styles of this quintessential Indian attire. Her salwar kameez collection speaks volume about her undying passion for intricate embroidery and rich zari work. They are flamboyant, stylish, and stunning with vibrant colors accentuating their ethnic and traditional feel.

Her undying love for her work and her immense creativity always keeps motivating her to come with new creations. For her designing is not merely a profession but a fanatical passion. Her passion for creating marvelous looks out of vintage pieces of Indian couture makes her stand out amidst her fraternity.